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What’s Eatin’ Your Thetan?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The thing is…Scientology is as “real” as Christianity, Mormonism,  Islam, Judaism, and all the rest of the invisible friend cults.  All religions deserve as much skepticism, incredulity and suspicion that Scientology so deserves.  They are all based on concepts that are quite ludicrous and that demand a complete rejection of common sense, intelligent inquiry, and historical reality.  Jewish zombies, midnight rides to heaven by “the” prophet, the “chosen people.”  All nonsense.  No more or less so than the absurdities that pass for the theology of Scientology.

Here’s a helpful hint.  Step away from the invisible sky beings and just live your life.  No one’s watching and no one cares.  There are no demons, angels, cherubs and no Gods nor Devils.  Now…get out there and have fun.

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