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Dumbing Down For Jesus

Or for the conservatives that like their history covered and smothered with a big dash of right-wing propaganda.  Newsweek points out the ten silliest changes to new textbooks voted for by the good ol’ goobers down at the Texas Board of Education and BBQ stand.

Texas Cooks the Textbooks

NEWSWEEK’s guide to the 10 silliest changes that will likely be in the new Texas textbook curriculum

Who says school is boring? The Texas State Board of Education will make a final vote today on a long list of controversial changes to its textbook standards. The 15-person board, dominated by 10 Republicans, is expected to approve many alterations that give a conservative slant to the study of U.S. history and economics. Fittingly, today’s meeting opened with a prayer by board member Cynthia Dunbar, who “used the opportunity to lay out her views that the Bill of Rights and the constitutional founding of America were divinely inspired by her Lord Jesus Christ,” according to the Texas Tribune.

And the Lord Jebus Christ he loves his subjects dumb and simple. 

Liberals across the country fear that, because of the state’s size and buying power, Texas’s new requirements will influence textbooks sold in other states. Below, 10 of the conservative, reactionary, or just plain bizarre changes the board is likely to adopt:

You can read the piece to see how the picks go.  But here is the first one:

1. Many of the proposed changes come from Don McLeroy, a creationist, former school board member, and dentist from Bryan, Texas. One of his gems: students must learn to “evaluate efforts by global organizations to undermine U.S. sovereignty.” To clarify, he’s referring to the United Nations, not Goldman Sachs.

Yes, I want my kids to know about all those plots to undermine our sovereignty.  Especially from within.  Like that Obama feller.  He wants to take your guns and send you to one of them re-edumukashun camps.  Best learn em early to watch out for that.

Dumb and ill/misinformed seem to be conservative values. 

It looks like they’re doing a good job of circumventing reality and forcing their ignorance on their kids.  And yours if you live in Texas.  I hear the faint strains of a John Lennon song with a slight change…”Imagine there’s no Texas.  It’s easy if you try…”

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