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Of Course He Does

That’s the Pulitzer Peace Price Winner.

The Hill reports:

Obama Defends Escalation of Afghan War In Address To 2010 West Point Class

President Barack Obama on Saturday used a speech to West Point cadets to defend his escalation of the war in Afghanistan.

Yeah, buddy.  I sense another Pulitzer coming his way.

Speaking before about 1,000 cadets — many of whom will be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan — Obama cited continuing threats to the U.S. by violent extremists while proclaiming that American intervention has “brought hope” to the Afghan people.
“The war began only because our own cities and civilians were attacked by violent extremists who plotted from that distant place, and it continues only because that plotting persists to this day,” Obama said in prepared remarks at the military academy in upstate New York.

You know,  I am sorry but…Obama is presenting a pretty twisted view of history here.  The attackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia.  The Taliban were not plotting against us.  Osama bin Forgotten, a Saudi may have been plotting against us and living in Afghanistan, but the Afghan government nor its people were.   But if you kept dropping drone missiles on my family and holding my brothers, sons, father with no access to courts indefinitely, if you supported a corrupt government here in my country that robbed me blind and only served to enrich itself, then I might plot against you also.  In fact I know I would. 

Violence begets violence.  Noble intentions don’t count for anything.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We are on that road in Afghanistan.  Some day we will have to get off of it.

Apparently that day won’t be any time during Obama’s term in office.

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