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Corn Pone, Simplistic Brainwashing

Or as it is otherwise known as, the standard gibberish of any Palin and Beck speech.

Mr. Olberman, take it away:

Of course these two are caricatures of actual informed and concerned people.  They are shallow, showboating, riding the pony as long as it runs, entertainers paid to be inflammatory.  But…the scary thing is…the people that applaud them.  The people who quote them as a source of information, the number of people, and I have spoken to many, who claim that Beck is the guy they trust.  The one that is looking out for them.  And Palin is a kook that is riding a gravy train  that is really a crazy train, but her followers see her as a potential U.S, presidential candidate.  That is scary to think about.  The number of deluded, clearly misinformed, radicalized, haters, racists and religious freaks waiting for some charismatic somebody to come along and pull them up on that train and ride it all the way to righteousness.

And Palin and/or Beck are those some bodies.  And instead of standing for what all these neer-do-good followers espouse; democracy, freedom, liberty, economic security and every other American concept, ideal and dream,  Beck and Palin are diametrically against all of those things.  Theirs is a twisted and warped image of America where racial profiling, putting people into classes of “who is a real American” of wanting war and destabilization, enmity towards all who are different.  Religiously, politically, ideologically…different means enemy.  They have a twisted view of America where reality, history and facts have no place if it interferes with their vision. 

Palin and Beck are Buffoons.  They are just rodeo clowns under the big media/political tent.  But their followers are your neighbors.  The believers are voters.  Their flock are the ones who would welcome fascism because what Palin and Beck represent is fascism.  Real fascism.  Corporatism with a nasty disposition and a big scoop of racism sprinkled on top.

Let’s hope the clowns’ faithful that have swallowed their corn pone, simplistic brainwashing have nothing but twisted dreams to occupy them and neither Beck, Palin nor what they represent ever take hold and have the power in this country.  It won’t be pretty.

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