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Family Values…

Substitute “inconceivable” with “family values.”    I don’t think that means what you think it means.  Another bible thumping, holier than thou, morality legislating Republicans shows us another look at GOP “Family Values.”

Sex Scandal Is A Harder Fall For Ind. Rep Souder As Public Words, Private Actions Clash

On camera, Rep. Mark Souder was a paragon of morality, espousing the virtues of family values and abstinence education.

But off camera, the Indiana Republican was living a far different life as he engaged in an affair with a married part-time aide whose chief duties included helping him prepare moralistic audio and video productions posted on his website.

A day after Souder admitted cheating on his wife of 36 years and announced he would resign his northeast Indiana House seat, news of the affair offered a sad, but in some ways timeless, portrait: A politician caught flatfooted in the space between his words and his actions.

Well, at this point hypocritical, adulterous, pedophile, homosexual, crooks should be understood as “Family Values”  when Republicans talk about them.  Or at least it is reasonable for somebody to make that assumption.

But Souder’s fall may be harder because of the way it contradicts the evangelical Christian beliefs he professed. He often talked about working in Congress to change the “moral direction” of the United States and described himself as an “ultraconservative” with strong views on marital fidelity and family values.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Oh, and Souder, don’t let the pieces of falling glass cut you up too bad.  Especially your throwing arm…

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