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Pedophile, Inc. CEO Speaks

Tell us, oh Christ’s Vicar on earth, through the angel Associated Press:

Pope Calls Abortion, Gay Marriage Insidious Threat

 Pope Benedict XVI has called abortion and same-sex marriage two of the most “insidious and dangerous” threats facing the world today.

Benny the Rat ejaculated that absurd and totally retarded conclusion to a group of fawning idiots these people:

Benedict made the comments Thursday to Catholic educators, social workers and others after celebrating Mass before an estimated 400,000 people in Fatima, one of the most important shrines in Christianity. He was interrupted by applause several times.

Stop the military, the intelligence agencies, the cops local, state and federal!  Redirect their energies to keep women from even thinking about sex much less an abortion and hunt down and convert or, as an act of piety, burn all gays at the stake and any one not acting their gender in totally stereotypical roles.

Deus lo Volt!

God Wills It!  As the crusaders used to say….

Yeah, Benny.  Right.  Much more of an insidious threat than pedophile priests that are given license and protection to molest and abuse the children and peoples lives that are put into their care and trust?  More insidious than Catholic orphanages and other such places where priests and nuns beat the crap out of their charges and torture and humiliate them creating who knows what kind of Norman Bates-like psychos and broken souls?  Or maybe just more insidious than priests who have sex voluntarily or not with nuns and parishioners, get them pregnant and force them to have abortions?

Dude,  Mathew: 69:96: 

 Don’t throw stones you hypocritical douchenozzle.

Hell, anyway, I’d trust my kids with a gay who had an abortion or was going to cause one to be needed than a Catholic priest any day.

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