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BP’s Assault On Us All

This is a video that was released by BP after pressure from the White House and the press.  It is a 30 second clip of what the “leak” looks like:

According to ABC:

The video shows the black plume of the oil and a white plume which industry experts said was natural gas escaping into the water.

BP said the video was released only today because the it had not received a request for the video until Monday. In fact, ABC News and other news organizations made numerous requests over the past few weeks for the video. When ABC News reporters were allowed into the BP command center last week, the monitors showing the video had been turned off.

Don’t want the little people seeing what is happening to their precious resources.  But what is in the video above is happening 24/7 until somebody figures out what to do.  There will be plenty of talk about faulty blowout preventers, who did what between BP, Halliburton and Transocean.  But the thing is…this is an attack on us all.  The planet is connected.  Currents can take this oil who knows where.  Deregulation, poor oversight, lobbyists, and so forth have put our planet in dire straights.  Exxon kept the Valdez oil spill litigation in court for over twenty years and I am not sure if it is all settled yet even.  I do know that the effects of the Valdez spill in Alaska have not been turned around yet.  One can only imagine what the long term consequences of a spill like the BP Gulf of Mexico spill will to do our coasts, marine and plant life.  Whole ecosystems are threatened.  Do we really expect BP to pay for all of that?  In anything resembling a timely fashion?

All the rhetoric from these despotic oil companies is just blowing wind.  They will say anything yet their only concern is for profits.  They make so much money they can afford to pay the occasional $50-100 million fines they receive.  BP has a history of catastrophic failures that have led to death and environmental disaster.   They have had and continue to have a history of safety violations in the hundreds.   But the buying power of big oil can purchase government’s blind eye.  It can buy enforcement and regulation that does neither.  It can do pretty much what it wants, where it wants.

This blowout preventer on the BP rig was known to have been defective.  It appears that shoddy work was done at many levels in preparing that rig.  Eleven people have died as a result of gross and criminal negligence and the entire Gulf Coast is at risk from environmental disaster.

The answer?  Nationalize all oil companies.  The resource is to finite, too critical to the common good of all.  Putting our energy needs in the hands of private companies that give fuck all whether they destroy the planet sucking black juice from the insides of that planet, making hundreds of billions in profits and operating like gangsters can no longer be tolerated. 

Nationalize them.  Now.

Oh, an interesting article to go with this is a piece from Counter Punch:

How Big Oil Bought the Interior Department

Give it a read.

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