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They Wonder Why They’re Laughed At

This is an interesting clip from a documentary called “Science Fiction: Creationism.”  This group are in Tennessee:

Supernatural powers?  Huh? ”  It don’t make any sense.  I mean how can like an African American person evolve from a white person?  We’re different skin.”  No, really.  And the “fair shake” that this “science” teacher gives creationism I would bet has no shakes for any but the Judeo-Christian creation myth. 

“I mean basically its not been proven.  I mean we had to be put here.  Some supernatural thing.  I mean we couldn’t have evolved from such a simple…organism into what we are now. I mean there’s no way. I mean the way that they think it all started”

That was some stimulating classroom dialogue.  Now Betty Lou, you just go practice some cheers and you let the men folks do all this thinkin’ stuff…

Maybe that is why aliens are always abducting people from the South.  They are just too goddamn funny.

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