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Obama’s Katrina

First, implying that any of the many things that have been called “Obama’s Katrina” as an indication of incompetence, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence and so forth, is to acknowledge that GW Bush was indeed guilty of those exact same things by having His Katrina.  Haiti was supposed to be Obama’s Katrina, H1N1 was another of Obama’s Katrina,  the GM bailout was also Obama’s Katrina.  Now we have an oil spill due to an exploding off shore oil rig and that is supposed to be Obama’s Katrina.  I believe that the traffic jam in Atlanta yesterday might also have been Obama’s Katrina as well but it isn’t getting the publicity for some reason….

The thing is….Bush’s Katrina was a case of gross criminal negligence, dereliction of duty, incompetence, malfeasance, destroying a world class emergency response organization like FEMA and turning it into a political support group under the newly formed Homeland Security Uber Alles.   Nearly two thousand people died, people went without food and water for days, were trapped in homes for days,  bloated bodies floated down the streets of one of our cities and that same city is still not rebuilt five years later.  And during the initial onslaught of Katrina, Bush played guitar and celebrated McCain’s birthday.   Short of a nuclear attack on the United States, Obama could not have Bush’s Katrina.  In fact, the only thing remotely associated with the oil spill and the previous administration’s complete failure to respond is that the BP oil rig was made by Halliburton.  The company that VP Darth Cheney was CEO of. 

In fact, a device that would have prevented this accident called an “acoustic switch” was not on the rig because…Dick Cheney had them deregulated with his big “Big Energy Takeover of the Government” meeting when GW first took office.

Bush had his Katrina.  Bush was the one that let a United States city be destroyed.  He is the one that failed to bring aid and let our citizens die by the hundreds and others to suffer from dehydration, exposure, and lack of basic medical care.  Bush is the one that put private mercenaries on the streets of New Orleans but could not get trucks with water and food there.  Bush is the one that ignored the warnings of the levies and went on a photo-op shindig across the country while New Orleans was being destroyed.  Bush is the one that said “heckuva job Brownie” to an incompetent Arabian Horse breeder turned head of our country’s main federal emergency response organization.  Bush is the one that should have been impeached for his complete failure as a leader before, during and after Katrina.

Try as the right may to keep pinning bad things as Obama’s Katrina, there was only one of those and GW Bush owns that one.  It happened in New Orleans in 2005. 

And I will never forget it.

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