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Since It’s Sunday

The saying that “The brainwashing begins in the crib” is undeniably true.  All babies are atheists.  It is the parents that begin the process of indoctrination.  I have indoctrinated my children with the goal of them questioning the reality of claims, myths, sacred texts and so forth.  As a result my kids are open minded free thinkers that are not burdened with guilt, fear of the after life, or full of animosity towards those that religious texts typically pit believers against. In other words, I have kept them the atheists they were born as.   So even though I loathe the process of child indoctrination, I am guilty of it nonetheless in a sense..  However, I have only urged my kids to question, to be curious and to deal with the real world we live in.  I have not filled their heads with magic, hell,  and guilt.  I think that is not such a dangerous thing as what the parents of these kids are doing:

Willful ignorance being purposefully developed in children.  This really sickens me.  And if the myth of creation from the Old Testament is to be taken as unquestionable, then so is the rest of the bible.  All of the murder, genocide, rape, torture, slavery, and all of the other nonsense and gibberish.  And then these little people grow up to be adults.  They make choices that affect not only theirs but other people’s lives.  Taught not to use their common sense, their natural reasoning abilities, to deny evidence, their own observations, and the scientific method yields mentally defective adults.  It yields bigots, ignorance, uncompromising and obnoxious individuals.  These people coalesce into like minded groups and use their numbers to inflict their ignorance on others.  By legislating against other peoples rights, against other peoples lifestyles, and often for war itself.   Our God is bigger than their God, our God is right and theirs is wrong.  Therefore we must smite them. 

One can migrate to religion without the indoctrination, one can convert, one can start their own religion.  However the vast amount of kids that are brainwashed at the hands of their  parents far outweigh the number of people who purposefully choose to believe in a God.  And these are the people who keep us from moving forward as a species and closer to the ideals of true civilization.  I feel pity for the children in the film above.  They are destined to live in ignorance, guilt, fear and shame.  Original sin, hell, imperfection, subservient to something that does not exist except in their minds.  How sad.


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