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Freedom of Religion in America

Blah, blah, blah…Freedom of religion, prayer in public, tolerance of others…What is meant by these code words is The Christian Way.  All of that talk about religious freedom and the founding fathers means only the Christian version of creation, salvation, prayer and so forth is to be tolerated.  Here the U.S. Senate shows how they feel about religious freedom and tolerance:

 I bet the senators that were yelling out are all about religious freedom in their rhetoric.  All about the First Amendment.  All about tolerance.  All about the tradition of prayer in public.  All about being One Way Hypocrites is more like it. 

Just another reason to run our government as a secular institution and get the mumbo jumbo of all religions out of the publics business and incantations to invisible sky beings relegated to the halls and hearts of their devotees.  The people of the United States deserve the right to any or no  religious preferences.  The United States itself does not need any religion nor any religious preference.  Invisible Sky Beings do not sit in the House nor Senate.  They do not occupy the White House nor the Cabinet.  They do not run our various departments nor our military. 

Keep invocations to Invisible Sky Beings away from our government institutions and functions and pathetic  episodes as above will cease.

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