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Welcome to Arizona. Ihre Papiere Bitte

Arizona.  Showing us what the right wing would have the whole country be like.  No, not hot and dry…

Calls To Boycott Arizona Multiply On Social Media

Calls for boycotting Arizona and its businesses because of its new anti-illegal-immigration law have begun spreading virally, showing Arizona what it’s like to be unpopular in a social-media era in which protesters can organize at the drop of a tweet.

A convention for immigration attorneys, scheduled for the Camelback Inn this fall, already has been canceled, and the state’s business community has begun fighting back, urging groups and individuals not to boycott the state.

Hit them in their fascist pocket books.

The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association on Monday set up its own Facebook page, “Don’t Boycott AZ Tourism.” The tagline: “Don’t punish 200,000 tourism employees for politics.”

But calls to boycott Arizona businesses, convention and meeting sites, the Grand Canyon and even the Arizona Diamondbacks and other baseball teams that train in the state have been gaining momentum since Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill into law on Friday.

I discovered that the Arizona Diamondbacks owner is a huge Republican supporter.  I wonder what an empty stadium on game day would look like?

The law makes it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally and requires police and other law-enforcement agents to check documents of people they reasonably suspect to be illegal. Critics say the law can lead to racial profiling, although the governor said the law-enforcement community will be trained to avoid that.

The nation’s largest Spanish-language newspaper has called for a boycott, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is expected today to consider a resolution calling for an end to any business the city has with Arizona or any Arizona-based businesses.

Some business groups fear Arizona could suffer deeper consequences. Hispanics could be discouraged from participating in the census, depriving the state of federal revenue. And several economists also say that the new law, combined with the 2008 employer-sanctions law, could make it harder to attract workers once the economy rebounds.

What do they expect?  They have become a pariah state.  Everyone is guilty until proven a citizen?  In America?  No frickin’ way.

A law that encourages racial profiling and makes discrimination possible should not be tolerated,” Rehbinder said.He said Californians also may be impacted by the law.

“We have a lot of Californians who travel to Arizona to visit relatives,” he said. “Will they have to carry passports?”

All you brown people step out of the car and keep your hands where we can see them.  I sincerely hope that Arizona receives what it deserves for passing this highly unconstitutional law.  Derision, scorn, ridicule and avoidance. 

They are an embarrassment to the other 49 states.

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