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Teabaggers! Don’t Be Like Jews!

You know, standing by in line at the gas chamber.  That is what you are doing if you don’t resist this Obamacare holocaust!  At least some middle class white Republican chick from Minnesota thinks so.

The Mille Lacs County Times reports on this potential horror.

Tea Party Rally

Members of the Mille Lacs Tea Party Patriots held the second annual Tea Party rally on Thursday, April 15 in Milaca.  Roughly 60 people turned out for the event in which Sue Bican (pictured) told attendees they must resolve to become active, to do something. “If we do nothing, we are no better than the Jews who stood in line for the gas chambers,” Bican said. There was a lot of literature available on a variety of subjects, including the Constitution Party of Minnesota, template letters regarding mental health care of children in school, petitions opposing conforming Minnesota law to “Obamacare” and myths about global warming.

Yes, attempts to get more people covered by affordable healthcare is no different from being yanked from your home, separated from your loved ones, taken on a train to where arbeit macht frei, and being herded into a gas chamber.  Why didn’t I see it all before?  And information on myths like global warming too?  Sounds like my kind of Klan rally.

Perhaps we should all send our thanks to the Mille Lacs County Times for this excellent piece of journalism in regurgitating Ms. Bican’s words without any additional commentary.   And  I do not recommend that you contact Ms. Bican personally and let her know what a cunt she truly is.  After all, you’re not a Republican.

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