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Fight The Real Enemy

About 1:45 into this clip Rachel Maddow presents Sinead O’Connor from 1992 tearing up the pope’s picture and saying “Fight the real enemy.”  Interesting how her concerns were about the very same things the Catholic Church is being accused of now.  Being a brutal, abusive, sexually predatory organization that uses all of its power and influence to stop investigations and protect abusers.  Take it away Rachel….

And here is the interview:

“The Church was concerned with the preservation of its assets and reputation above the caring of children.”  The sad truth and the true crime that the Church is guilty of.  I would, however, challenge Ms. O’Connor on the workings of the “Holy Spirit” and why it is so impotent or uncaring or both.  But the bigger question is why has the Catholic Church been allowed to operate as a serial pedophile organization for so long?

The occasional apology to victims is totally inadequate.  A complete repudiation of these practices by priests and an end to the perpetual cover ups by the Catholic hierarchy is in order.   By turning these known rapists and pedophiles over to police with complete documentation of their offenses they can show they are truly sorry.  By firing Bishops and Cardinals, including the current Bishop of Rome, Benny the Rat, that have been culpable or complicit in cover ups the Church can show that it is serious about ending these  cover ups.  Until then it is all just self-serving lip service to true repudiation of these crimes.

And if you watched the end of the last clip you got to see some GOP alternatives to Obamacare presented.  Well worth the watch.  I am building a chicken coop now.

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