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Satan In A Soda?

No, of course not.  There is no Satan and there  is no Jesus.  However, Coca Cola has a whole lot of bad karma surrounding it.  Like this from AlterNet:

Coca Cola’s Role In The Assassination of Union Leaders Explored In Powerful New Documentary

Well, Coca Cola is no stranger to death squads, torture, intimidation and a lot of other stuff that doesn’t go well with cute pictures of Polar Bears sharing a sweet drink with her wee ones.  Here is a BBC piece from 2001:

Coke Sued Over Death Squad Claims

Trade union leaders in the United States have said they are suing the soft-drinks company Coca-Cola for allegedly hiring right-wing death squads to terrorise workers at its Colombian bottling plant.

A spokesman for Coca-Cola in Atlanta said its Colombian bottling plants were run by business partners and denied any wrongdoing by the company.

 Coke, who has a marketing/management department that runs like the SS (German kind…) just had no control over what this plant working under their logo was up to?  I think not.

The suit alleges that Coca-Cola and Panamerican Beverages, its principal bottler in Latin America, waged what union leaders describe as a campaign of terror, using paramilitaries to kill, torture and kidnap union leaders in Colombia.

Yep, it’s all fun with Polar Bears or Cuba Libres until a death squad comes knocking at your door.  But of course the home office didn’t have a clue about any of this.  I do know for a fact that they knew about their policies in India which were good for everybody except anybody living in India.  CorpWatch posts this:

Communities Reject Coca-Cola In India

Coca-Cola is in trouble in India. Ever since the first allegations arose in Kerala, India, of water scarcity and polluted water resulting from its bottling operations, Coca-Cola’s public relations department has churned out denials, insisting that the charges are false and that it is the “target of a handful of extremist protesters.”

It appears Coca-Cola has diverted water needed by farmers against residents will and then pumped out pollution at the other end of their sugar water making factory The Nation has this very interesting piece that address many of the issues with Coke:

The Case Against Coke

In it is this blurb about a stockholders meeting in 2005 when huge lines of speakers from various interests confronted the attendees.

That was just the beginning of a ninety-minute slugfest that the Financial Times later said “felt more like a student protest rally” than a stockholders’ meeting. One after another, students, labor activists and environmentalists blasted Coke’s international human rights record. Many focused on Colombia, where Coke has been accused of conspiring with paramilitary death squads to torture and kill union activists. Others highlighted India, where Coke has allegedly polluted and depleted water supplies. Still others called the company to task for causing obesity through aggressive marketing to children.

Just another predatory corporation that has a hard working PR staff.  Have a Coke and a smile, or else.  But there are groups like Stop Killer Coke and others that are making Coca-Cola spend gobs of money to counter reality.  Perhaps this upcoming documentary will get more people the chance to get to know this company better.

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