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Blatant Propaganda Alert!!

Wow.  And Reuters was semi-respectable at one time.

So here is this article from Reuters:

Egypt Seeks U.N. Pressure On Israel Over Nuclear Arms

And one can read a variety of things in that report.  However, this one sentence leaped out quite glaringly:

Israel, like the United States, European Union and others, suspects Iran is developing atomic weapons, a charge Tehran denies. Iran, whose president has said Israel should be wiped off the map, says its nuclear program is peaceful.

In fact Ahmadinejad never said that.   Even a blue-collar guy trying to figure it all out, like me, knows that.  But that sure is some great propaganda for the anti-Iran crowd.  The issues are tricky enough as it is.  Throwing this kind of fuel to the fire is not good journalism. 

One rarely sees much of that these days.  Especially in the “Main Stream Media.”

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