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Meanwhile, On Planet Who Knows Where….

I try to keep the fact that we are involved in war and war like activities in mind.  As the antics of politics goes on, we are involved in some very losing propositions of a most violent nature.   We are locked in war and military action both overt and covert and I don’t see anything slowing that process down.  We continue to spend money we do not have, sacrificing valuable lives, and we  kill,  or cause to be killed, innocent people in a wide range of areas.  Meanwhile here in the USofA it is right vs left, buy a car or a beer like your TV tells us, OMG some mega-wealthy good looking professional athlete screwed around on his wife!!!  Who Could Have Imagined!?!??

And the world boils and the body count raises.

Bloodiest Day of 2010 as Bombings Rock Baghdad

Scores Killed as Coordinated Bombings Hit Mosques, Markets

A massive coordinated attack involving bombings of several Shi’ite mosques and marketplaces in Shi’ite neighborhoods across Baghdad have left scores of people dead and several hundred wounded, and the nation wondering if they are just seeing the beginning of the rising violence.

The attacks were the third major spate of bombings in Baghdad this month alone, but also stand as the deadliest yet of 2010. Year over year death tolls have been on the rise over the past several months, and are only getting worse since the disputed March 7 election

These were yesterday.  A U.S. soldier died yesterday in Iraq.  75 other people were killed in and around Baghdad and 303 wounded there.  Our “Mission Accomplished” seems to be still Un-Accomplished and the “Democracy” we forced at the point of a gun is yielding bitter fruit.  And one wonders at the potential sweetness of the fruit of unintended consequences.  Our “regime change” in Iraq has put in to power a faction closely tied to our evil nemesis Iran, whom we spare no jingoistic rhetoric against. 

And in the wasteland of empires yesterday we lost more servicemen.

Two U.S. Troops, Five Militants Killed In Afghan Fighting

Kabul – Two US soldiers and five militants were killed in a clash in eastern Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Friday.

This conflict with no described “victory” scenario grinds on as bobble heads keep us distracted and divided.  You vs me and us vs them…No definable victory there either.  We are still “turning the corner” and just another “6 months” to…another 6 months. That’s the way it seems these many years since we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

This rock is spinning through space oblivious to us all, but amongst us who can think and are aware it seems that there has got to be a better way of being “civilized.”   While we are clinging to this spinning rock by buying products, being connected to the Internets, going about our semi oblivious lives, others are clinging to it just trying to survive the next patrol.  Or they are people hoping they survive our next patrol.  And  all for the most vague of reasons….


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