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Arizona In Dead Heat With Texas

Yes, the race for full blown retard is on between Arizona and Texas, with Oklahoma jealously hanging on.  Arizona has taken a hard swing to the right and entered into some sort of parallel Bizarro World apart from the Constitution of the United States.

Trust our law enforcement?  Perhaps this woman has never heard of Copwatch.org, the ACLU and the history of the south in the United States in regard police abuse of racial minorities and so forth.

Arizona.  Where you are innocent until proven guilty unless you look like an illegal alien, which presently cannot be clarified what that look is,  at which time you are automatically assumed guilty.  WTF Arizona?  Seriously?  Heat stroke?  I would expect the Supreme Court to be brought into this absurd issue at some time.  I just hope they aren’t so tilted to the right that they agree with this law.

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