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Why Does Oklahoma Hate Women?

Oklahoma, by sheer proximity to Texas, is pretty retarded.  Though New Mexico borders Texas and it is pretty cool.  Perhaps the fact that Oklahoma sucks, thereby preventing Texas from slipping into the ocean, they vacuum all the loose stupidity and Texas-like retardation not absorbed by Texans.  Here Oklahoma tries to set the clock back, again, on women’s rights in that backwards assed state.

Anti-Abortion Bill to Block Foetal Test Results

The governor of Oklahoma is considering tough new abortion bills that would allow doctors to withhold test results showing foetal defects and require women to answer intrusive questions.

The results of the questionnaires would be posted online.

Women would also be required to have a vaginal ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the embryo or foetus in a third bill passed by the legislature on Monday.

The requirements would be among the most ”extreme” in the US and were similar to those struck down by a state court as unconstitutional earlier this year, the Centre for Reproductive Rights said on Tuesday.

And a women would want to do that because?

”Despite the prospect and cost of additional legal challenges, the legislature is determined to severely limit women’s ability to get an abortion in the state, approving laws with clear constitutional flaws and with absolute disregard for women’s rights and health,” the centre said in a statement urging a veto of the bills.

None of that matters because God wants the Governor of Oklahoma to be a douchnozzle.  Like the one in Texas.  Why would women want to live in that Oklahoma anyway?

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