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The Devil Is In The Bull Shit

The Catholic Church has served up the Jews, the media and even the children themselves for various aspects of their serial sex abuse problem.  Now, and one wonders what took them so long, it appears as if it is….the Devil.  And the guy that came up with that little gem just got a promotion.

Huffington Post serves this up:

New Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprock Once Blamed Devil For Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Thomas Paprocki, an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Chicago, was announced Tuesday as the church’s ninth bishop of Springfield.

A Chicago bishop who once blamed the devil for sexual abuse lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church and proposed shielding the church from legal damages has been named to lead an Illinois diocese.

I suppose so.  Because if anyone in the Church ever laid the blame right where it belongs they would loose their slick parasitic position in society. 

Paprocki, 57, said three years ago that the principal force behind the waves of abuse lawsuits was “none other than the devil.”

He said the cost of litigation was making it more difficult for the church to perform charitable works. An attorney himself, Paprocki proposed that the courts revive an old policy of shielding nonprofit organizations from lawsuits over negligence and abuse.

Accountability.  It doesn’t look like that was on this fellow’s priorities.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said it was disappointed with Paprocki’s promotion.

“It says to us that the Vatican is more interested in doctrinal purity than child safety – or at least that child safety isn’t the No. 1 priority,” said David Clohessy, SNAP’s executive director.

No, the important thing is that the Church get to keep all its money and not have to pay any real world compensation.  The occasional “We’re sorry” and “We’re on it.” thrown in and of course the get out of responsibility card for the Catholic Church, throw in the “I repent” line.  They love it. 

Blame their problems and propensity to cover them up and prevent investigations of them on the Devil and you get a nice raise and a seat at the power table.  Way to sell that message that you want to demonstrate a willingness to accept blame.


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