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Years of Disinformation and Propaganda

And what a surprise, the masses are ill-informed and ignorant.

Most In U.S. Against Legalizing Pot, Poll Shows

Most Americans still oppose legalizing marijuana but larger majorities believe pot has medical benefits and the government should allow its use for that purpose, according to an Associated Press-CNBC poll released Tuesday.

Respondents were skeptical that crime would spike if marijuana is decriminalized or that it would lead more people to harder drugs like heroin or cocaine. There also was a nearly even split on whether government spends too much or the right amount enforcing marijuana laws. Almost no one thinks too little is spent.

We are the largest prison nation in the world and most of the incarcerated are non-violent drug offenders.  Also, studies show that marijuana is not near the gateway drug that cigarettes are, not the health risk that cigarettes are nor the potential detriment to society that alcohol is. 

Some opponents worried legalization would lead to reefer madness.

“I think it would be chaos if it was legalized,” said Shirley Williams, a 75-year-old retired English teacher from Quincy, Ill. “People would get in trouble and use marijuana as an excuse.”

Like they do alcohol now?  And how has that prohibition of pot worked out?  It has created a massive black market economy, criminalized a huge section of the American population, separated families by imprisoning non-violent pot smokers and cost tax payers untold billions to house and feed these prisoners.  A snitch culture that yields high arrests for police, that yield prosecutors high conviction rates, that yield large numbers of prisoners for a prison industry is what we have gotten from the criminalization of this plant.  The government has run anti-marijuana propaganda for decades and no open debate about the issues surrounding its usage from health risks, revenue source and so forth have ever been maintained to question the resoning and continuance of the draconian legislation against pot.  The laws are so insane against pot usage that hemp itself, a miracle plant of sorts, is not available to us as a very useful crop for everything from paper, clothing, plastics, renewable fuel source and other highly useful products.

I guess that is what the 51% that are against legalization are for.  More prisoners, more broken families, more black market untaxable profits, more dependency on foreign oil, more sick people, more citizens hiding their usage and living in fear of their jobs and freedom.  Because criminalizing it has not stopped its usage at all.

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