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Who Would Jesus Kill?

Apparently anyone who stumbled on this groups training.

The Associated Press reports:

Feds: Militia Leader Told Members To Be Ready To Kill

The leader of a Christian militia planned an elaborate, two-part training session for this month and told members it was OK to kill “anyone who might stumble upon the operation,” federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing Friday.

Details about the Hutaree’s planned training session — to be held during the second and fourth Saturdays in April — were revealed in a 17-page document prosecutors filed in response to a defense motion to free Hutaree leader David Stone while he awaits trial.

It, along with several other government filings over the past week, help paint a fuller picture of the southern Michigan-based group’s make-up and activities.

Remember that this “militia” is steeped heavily in Christian rhetoric and imagery.  They were preparing to battle Antichrist and “keep the gospel of Jesus Christ alive.”

According to the filing, Stone told other Hutaree members that “we are going locked and loaded.”

“If you’re made, somebody comes tripping along, they just happen to see you, we’re gonna handle it as a hostile situation,” Stone said. “That means you put them on the ground.”

For stumbling upon their training exercise Jesus wanted you dead.  I will bet that this is but one of many groups out there with the same ideology, theology and insanity.  Kill cops, bomb their funeral services to kill more cops, take on the government in holy war in the name of Jesus.  Yeah, makes sense when you say it fast. 

As Rocky said, “go for it.”  Just leave a note where to spread your ashes.

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