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Ridicule Is The Only Weapon…

To be used against unintelligible propositions, ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them.  Yeah, Tommy, you tell her.

A few very good points were made in the above.  Increasing the size of government, exponentially in the case of GW Bush and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, does not bother these tea baggers.  Just as teaching creationism as “teaching the other side” is not what these conservatards want.  In regard creationism, they want just the Christian creation myth taught as factual and no other.  Just as “big government” is offensive only when their party is not in power.

Hollow and hypocritical have their heroine.  Her name is Palin.  They deserve each other.

Now please let her be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012.  Please.

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