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History. Perhaps These “Patriots” Should Study It

The oppressed citizens of America came out in several cities yesterday, carrying signs and arms.  They were protesting the tyranny that has taken hold in our country.  The tyrannical totalitarian government that the black/socialist/fascist/muslim/marxist/illegal alien oversees showed its fear of these “patriots” and allowed them to protest without incident.

Constitution Gun Rally Message Fired Off To Barack Obama

Dozens of gun-toting demonstrators gathered near Washington yesterday to tell President Barack Obama that they are willing to defend by force “transgressions against the U.S. constitution.”

Equipped with pistols, rifles and flags from the War of Independence, the guns rights advocates heard speeches warning that the bank bail-out and the health care bill were expanding government’s role to the point where violence was inevitable.

Mike Vanderboegh, a former militia leader, told the audience armed confrontation could be justified if US citizens were forced to buy insurance under Barack Obama’s new health reform package.

“If I know I’m not going to get a fair trial in federal court … I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight,” Mr Vanderboegh said.

“The country is being pushed towards civil war and the government has to stop before somebody gets hurt,” he added. “The American people will only be pushed so far. It’s what the King of England didn’t understand.”

Organisers of the Restore the Constitution rally chose to stage it on the anniversary of the 1775 uprising in Lexington that started the War of Independence. It was also the date of the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City by the Right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh.

Yes, oppression and suppression of rights are just intolerable now.  Perhaps this administration will heed their warning as the last one did when these armed “patriots” protested against the tyrannical “Free Speech Zones.”  Oh, wait.  That did not seem to bother these selectively concerned “patriots.”  Nor did “Warrantless Wiretapping.”  Nor did using the Department of Justice as a political party enforcement agency.  Nor any other assault on our freedoms, ideals and icons of this country.

Timothy McVeigh was a maggot.  He killed innocent men, women and children because his right wing militant Christian sensibilities had been stepped on in his mind.  Coincidence that these rallies were held on the anniversary of McVeigh’s perfidy against the citizens of the U.S.A?  I think not.  I do believe in free speech, though.  And I believe in the consequences of free speech as well. 

If these concerned “patriots” do not accept the democratic process that put President Obama in office, unlike the undemocratic process that put GW Bush in office in 2000, and they are preaching armed conflict against our government and by proxy we the people, then they should be treated as enemy combatants.  Let them find their self-fulfilling prophecy and put them in concentration camps to be re-educated.  And in that re-education process let them learn of something called the American Civil War, or as the southern states called it, the War of Northern Aggression, or as the northern states called it, the War of Kicking Redneck Slavers Asses.  I beleive the federal government won that one and they had very crude technology then.  The “armed revolt’ rhetoric is very self-serving but when it comes down to it a few idiots with AR15s don’t fare well against jump jets, F18’s and Black Hawk helicopters. 

Perhaps it is time to consider bringing back the Alien and Sedition Acts.  These people want to whine about the unconstitutionality of health care and whatever else these crybabies don’t like, let them taste something really unconstitutional.  And I hope they like orange.  I hear it is the color of jump suits that “enemy combatants” wear at Gitmo.  After all, these armed and angry “patriots” did not put up much of a fuss over the arrest and confinement without charge, trial  or rights of habeas corpus that Jose Padilla, an American citizen suffered.  That tyranny seems to have slipped under these concerned “patriot’s” radar.

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