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Scouts and Mormons and Sodomy Oh My!

And one big payout!

Jury Holds Boy Scouts Negligent In Sex-Abuse Case

The three-week trial ended with Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge John A. Wittmayer polling the jurors, who confirmed they had found the negligence contributed to damage to the plaintiff as claimed.

The jury ruled that the plaintiff is also entitled to punitive damages. That’s to be determined beginning Tuesday in the trial’s second phase.

Jurors in Portland, Oregon, awarded a former Boy Scout $1.4 million after finding Tuesday that the organization was negligent in allowing a Scout leader who was a sex offender to have contact with him.

And enter the Mormons…

While holding the Boy Scouts of America 60 percent negligent, the jury said the Cascade Pacific Council — which oversees Scouting activities in the region — was 15 percent negligent and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 25 percent negligent.

The church has sponsored a number of Boy Scout troops, including the one to which the plaintiff belonged.

Steve English, a lawyer representing the church, said Tuesday’s verdict has no impact on the church, since it settled the case out of court more than a year ago.

Hey, the Mormons are like a real religion!  Almost like the Catholics.  The Boy Scouts of America seem like a creepy organization, the Mormons are definitely a creepy organization and it seems the Catholic Church is the standard to which they both aspire.  Child abuse, coverup and settlements.  Good old-fashioned American values.

Moving on….

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