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Missing Link?

If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?  I really get tired of answering brain dead creationists that continually ejaculate that nonsensical question with a delivery that suggests “Checkmate!”  Anyway, more evidence has been tossed on the scales of knowledge and science vs bronze age texts.

Missing Link Between Man And Apes Found

The new species of hominid, the evolutionary branch of primates that includes humans, is to be revealed when the two-million-year-old skeleton of a child is unveiled this week.

Scientists believe the almost-complete fossilised skeleton belonged to a previously-unknown type of early human ancestor that may have been a intermediate stage as ape-men evolved into the first species of advanced humans, Homo habilis.

No, don’t worry fundamentalist conservatards.  That is not another word for gay.

Experts who have seen the skeleton say it shares characteristics with Homo habilis, whose emergence 2.5 million years ago is seen as a key stage in the evolution of our species.

Of course, noted creationists suggest that their math is off by 2,494,000 years.  The earth being only 6000 years old and all.

The new discovery could help to rewrite the history of human evolution by filling in crucial gaps in the scientific knowledge.

So more and more information fills in the mosaic of our understanding about the evolution of our species.  Yet it does not stand up to the completely baseless and unverified nonsense that passes for “creationism” as told in the myths of the old testament.

The skeleton was found by Professor Lee Berger, from the University of the Witwatersrand, while exploring cave systems in the Sterkfontein region of South Africa, near Johannesburg, an area known as “the Cradle of Humanity”.

And not the location of the “Garden of Eden.”

Scientists believe that a group of apelike hominids known as Australopithicus, which first emerged in Africa around 3.9 million years ago, gradually evolved into the first Homo species.

Over time the Australopithicus species lost their more apelike features as they started to stand upright and their brain capacity increased.

Not after they ate of the tree of knowledge after being tricked by an evil talking serpent.

If it is confirmed as a missing link between the two groups, it would be of immense scientific importance, helping to fill in a gap in the evolutionary history of modern man.

Dr Simon Underdown, an expert on human evolution at Oxford Brookes University, said the new find could help scientists gain a better understanding of our evolutionary tree.

He said: “A find like this could really increase our understanding of our early ancestors at a time when they first started to become recognisable as human.”

An amazing and excellent discovery.  I am sure the bible blatherers will denounce it as nothing more than a trick by Satan to test their faith.  Meanwhile, the sane and rational world gets a little closer to understanding how we as human beings came to be. 

 Expect extreme religious drivel to gush forth after this announcement.

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