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Propaganda Dissection…

By Dr. Maddow:

And Part II

“I know this may shock you that Fox News, it turns out, was not giving its viewers an accurate portrayal of how exactly these two activist were presenting themselves when they went into the ACORN offices.”  Rachel comments, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

No Rachel.  Any one who is not drunk on the Party Kool-Aid that Fox serves daily would already know that any resemblance between Fox News and journalism is strictly accidental.  As pointed out in Part II above, the state attorney general of California said of this “expose”

The video releases were heavily edited to feature only the worst or most inappropriate statements of the various Acorn employees and to omit the most salient statements by O’Keeffe and Giles.”

Fox News = Bull Puckey. 

Rachel nails it again.

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