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Our Return Is Diminishing

Yet we keep investing.

The Washington Post reports:

Karzai’s Defiant Stance Concerns U.S., Other Afghans

President Obama’s visit to Kabul last week, intended in part to forge a closer working relationship with President Hamid Karzai, has helped produce the opposite: an angry Afghan leader now attacking the West for what he perceives as an effort to manipulate him and weaken his rule.Karzai’s relationship with his U.S. backers in the past week has taken a sharp turn for the worse after his two anti-Western speeches in three days, remarks that some officials see as a rehearsed, intentional move away from the United States.

In remarks to parliament members Saturday, Karzai said that if foreign interference in his government continues, the Taliban would become a legitimate resistance — one that he might even join, according to lawmakers present.

I hate it when our puppet leaders start fighting against our strings.  What have we spent in Afghanistan?  What are the returns on that investment?  What are our troops dying for?  And now Karzai, whether bluster or not, is threatening to join the Taliban?

Karzai wanted Obama to publicly praise his plans for a “peace jirga,” the planned meeting of tribal elders and political leaders to discuss reconciliation with insurgents, said the senior Afghan official, who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly. Karzai also wanted support for his views on how to reform the electoral law ahead of parliamentary elections in September.

What he got was Obama prodding him to perform. He pushed Karzai to keep two foreigners on an elections commission that investigates fraud; to appoint cabinet ministers based on merit rather than personal ties; and to fight corruption by giving more authority and independence to the corruption oversight agency, among other things. Karzai saw the visit less as a public show of partnership than the United States coming to scold an ineffectual leader, according to his supporters.

Our pony.  Lame and ill-tempered.  How long will we ride him?  It seems like we have a corrupt, incompetent and resentful government for all of our investment in Afghanistan.  More troops and money, quick!

Our losses mount and the war goes on…

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