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Time to Repent

Plenty of time to repent, that is…

CNN reports:

Doctor’s Killer Sentenced To Life In Prison

 The man convicted of killing Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller last year was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole eligibility for 50 years.

Scott Roeder, 52, was facing a minimum mandatory life sentence, but a Kansas judge had the power to decide whether he could be eligible for parole after 25 years or after 50.

“The blood of babies is in your hands,” Roeder said as he was escorted from a Wichita, Kansas, courtroom on Thursday evening, referring to the district attorney who prosecuted him.

The Tiller family praised the sentence in a statement Thursday night.

“It is the most severe penalty available … under Kansas law,” the family said. “This crime was cruel and heinous not only because it took our husband, father and grandfather, but because it was a hate crime committed against George — [and] also against all women and their constitutional rights.”

At the link there is a short clip of Roeder getting his hat brought to him by the judge that is worth the view. 

“We only can hope that this sentence will serve as a deterrent to those who have conspired and continue to conspire to murder abortion providers,” the Tiller family said in a statement. “Certainly everything possible should be done by the prison system to insure that this man does not continue to foment hatred and violence from his prison cell.”

Of course, to the Christian right he will be a martyr.  Though to others who may have been thinking about doing the same thing Roeder did they may now pause and say, “Wait.  What?” 

Fifty year minimum before an opportunity for parole.  Look at that every day of the rest of your miserable life.  Wail about “Higher Powers” and cry about “Baby Killers” till you are horse in the throat.  But you better not keep your fellow prisoners awake with your crap or you might discover the meaning of the word “Shank.” 

Speaking before his sentencing, Roeder blasted Tiller, quoted the Bible at length and argued the slaying was justified because he was protecting the unborn.

“You have the power to acquit and if you were to obey the higher power, God himself, you would acquit me,” Roeder told the judge, Warren Wilbert, before the sentence

Well, since there is no God it looks like you are going to do the time.

“It was the most agonizing and stressful decision I have ever had to make, and it took years to come to this conclusion, especially with the knowledge that I may never see my son, my daughter or my family again,” Roeder said at his sentencing at the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

Reap the whirlwind.   Maybe in retrospect being a religiously deluded thug was not the best course to follow.

Good riddance.

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