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Two Frauds

Committing fraud.  That’s what frauds do.

Oliver North, convicted in the Iran/Contra scandal and right wing darling and “The Baby Jesus” as Niel Boortz calls Sean Hannity, have been waving the flag and taking from the till.

Salon.com reports:

Do Hannity and North Operate a “Charitable” Fraud?

Sean Hannity and Oliver North say they collect millions of dollars for veterans’ kids.  But where does the money go?

A potentially damaging scandal erupted today that implicates Fox News Channel personalities Sean Hannity and Oliver North in the worst kind of charitable fraud. According to complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission and the IRS, the two right-wing icons have exploited American veterans for personal and partisan gain. The actions filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington accuse Hannity and North of misusing millions of dollars collected by the Freedom Alliance, a charity they promote and control.

Similar accusations were aired recently by right-wing blogger Debbie Schlussel, who complained that the “Freedom Concerts” sponsored by the Freedom Alliance and headlined by Hannity were not donating all proceeds — estimated at more than $10 million — to scholarships for the children of wounded and killed service members, as advertised. But now CREW, which had been investigating the same allegations independently before Schlussel posted her warning, has completed its own probe and filed legal actions before the two federal agencies.

Weasels.  Why does the right wing love weasels?  Oliver North who betrayed his country is a here to the right.  Hannity is a smarmy thug who would look quite natural in a peaked hat and black SS uniform is watched and listened to rapturously by Republican drones as he spews the most vile hateful rhetoric and outright party propaganda. 

“There is little more despicable than preying upon the generosity of Americans by deceiving them into believing they are aiding the children of killed and wounded service members when the truth is most of the money is going to a for-profit venture,” said CREW executive director Melanie Sloan in a press release. “Americans deserve to know whether this high-profile charity allegedly dedicated to helping veterans and their families is really doing what it says it is.”

Not surprisingly, Hannity and North and their allies have sought to refute the charges first lodged by Schlussel. But one of the researchers who worked on this matter says there is much more that will be revealed in the coming days. 

I’d love to see them in court over this.  It couldn’t happen to two more deserving guys.

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