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Palin De-Evolves Discovery Channel

Sarah Palin, quitter that left her elected office to search for money, has landed a gig as the host of a Discovery Channel show.  People reports:

Sarah Palin to Host Alaska Reality -TV Series

Good news for Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Saran Palin: The former Alaska governor – who’s now a Fox News commentator, best-selling memoirist and Republican campaign machine – has a deal in the bag with the Discovery Channel, a source at the network confirms to PEOPLE.

According to everyone from Variety to The Washington Post, the series Sarah Palin’s Alaska has been picked up for a reported $1-million-plus per episode.

Variety says Palin’s project with reality-TV rainmaker Mark Burnett “will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state – with the ex-VP candidate as a guide.”

No, really.  As Jonathan Turley noted, Sarah Palin is an example of the Discovery Channel de-evolving.   From shows with Carl Sagan highlighting our universe to giving Sarah Palin a platform to babble vacuously the extremes in programming could not be more stark.  A vicious, partisan politician that is one of the most controversial figures in America is give credibility she does not deserve by this channel. 

It looks like Bible Spice is doing OK for herself.  Being a governor of a state was such a drag.  I guess I will be putting a block on the Discovery Channel on my TV now.

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