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Ms. Maddow Makes Mincemeat…

Of the GOP.  With a little introduction by Dr. King.

The “free market” has failed us.  It has refused to police itself.   The Robber Barons of old have morphed into huge corporations that actually control even more of our lives.  The Republican Party did nothing to rein them in over their last eight years in office.  They have offered nothing  but negativity towards efforts to rein them in now.  The Democrats took on the Private Insurance Barons and have won a victory against them.

As Rachel Maddow points out, the God of the GOP, Ronald Reagan. had this to say about Medicare:

It will become the beginning of the end of freedom.

Well, there he goes again.  Being wrong.  Wrong about what Medicare brought.  Just as his party is wrong now on the health care reform bill.  The GOP have said this health care bill will cause “Armageddon.”  President Obama offers this on that:

Rage and racism.  Conservative equals Counterproductive.  Their true colors are shining through and they are ugly indeed.

Crushing defeat will do that I suppose.


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