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God’s Voice Is A Warning Sign…

It is a warning sign that you are batshit crazy.  And, it doesn’t make a good defense in court either.

ABC News has this report on another God induced pedophile prophet.

James Wallace Fall Claims God Told Him To Rape, “Marry” 10-Year-Old Niece

Fifty-eight-year-old James Wallace Fall, who’s charged with sexually abusing his niece since she was 10-years-old, reportedly told police it was God’s will that he “marry” the girl.

The first alleged sexual encounter occurred on a vacation, and after that the complaint says Fall alternated nights between his wife, who is the girl’s aunt, and his niece, who is now 19.

The alleged abuse has gone on for nearly a decade.

What this guy needs is the opportunity to go look for his God.  I understand one has to leave this world to find Him.

The complaint phrases it like this: “Victim 1 described the first sexual assault as occurring when they went on a vacation to Yellowstone National Park…At some point thereafter, the Defendant made Victim 1 his ‘wife.’ As the years went by, the Defendant spent every other night in Victim 1’s bedroom. As far as Victim 1 knew, the Defendant was only having sex with her and not with his wife, Victim 1’s aunt.”

Police in Mound, Minn., located west of Minneapolis, say Fall believes the Bible justifies his actions. The Star-Tribune quotes Mound Police Chief James Kurtz as saying, “He really believes that this is OK.”

Silly Bible.  It justifies everything.  Slavery, genocide, rape, war….pick a perversion or an atrocity and God is right there giving you the OK.  It should come with a mandatory warning like cigarette packaging.

Warning:  Reading and believing this book is hazardous to your mental health. 

And it should be kept out of the hands of minors, removed from hotels, and users should be taxed heavily for their vice.  It should not be allowed to be advertised in any media and movies that show its use should have an R rating.

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