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At Long Last, Sir, Have You No Shame?

The Catholic Church and the co-conspirators that walk at the highest levels of power should be broken up like a mob racket or a robber baron’s monopoly.   They just don’t get it.

The BBC:

Cardinal Brady Will Not Resign Over Abuse ‘Cover Up’

The head of the Catholic Church in Ireland says he will only resign over claims he helped cover up sex abuse if he is asked to do so by the Pope.

Cardinal Sean Brady was at meetings in the 1970s where two abused teenagers signed vows of silence over their complaints against Fr Brendan Smyth.

Fr Smyth was a notorious sex offender jailed in the 1990s for child abuse.

“There was no cover up, I believed those people. I brought what I heard to the bishop,” Cardinal Brady said.

The complaints of abuse were investigated by Cardinal Brady in his capacity as secretary to the bishop of Kilmore in 1975.

Cardinal Brady said he had been following his bishop’s orders and there were no guidelines for dealing with such investigations at that time.

“Now I know with hindsight that I should have done more. I thought at that time I was doing what I was required to do, and not just that, but most effectively. I acted with great urgency to get that evidence and produce it.

And the Nazis in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka and so forth were just following orders too. 

He said he did not believe this was a resigning matter.

However, in an interview with Irish broadcaster RTE last December, the cardinal said he, himself, would resign if he found that a child had been abused as a result of any managerial failure on his part.

“I would remember that child sex abuse is a very serious crime and very grave and if I found myself in a situation where I was aware that my failure to act had allowed or meant that other children were abused, well then, I think I would resign,” he said.

Of course, that was before it was known that his failure to act did mean that other children were abused. 

At that time, he said: “No-one is above the law in this country.

At that time.

Father Smyth was a notorious child sex offender who was believed to have abused at least 20 children over a 40 year period in the north and south of Ireland.

He was eventually convicted and jailed for more than 90 offences, many of them committed after the Brady meeting.

However campaigners believe the cleric could have abused hundreds of children as he was moved around parishes, diocese and countries by the church.

They have accused Cardinal Brady of reckless endangerment and demanded his resignation.

A campaigner for victims of clerical child abuse in Ireland, Colm O’Gorman, said Cardinal Brady should resign.

But this is now and Cardinal Brady is loath to resign and lose his power and life of ease.  His life as a parasite on society.

“He believed that this out of control paedophile [Smyth] had abused children and he did nothing to report this crime to the police either then, or it would appear, at any point over the next 20 years during which Smyth continued to rape and abuse in parishes across the world with near impunity,” Mr O’Gorman said.

He was following orders.  Like a good Nazi.

How long will this sick and degenerate organization be allowed to victimize their parishioners?  How long will shallow mea culpas and a fine be thought enough to get them to change their criminal behavior and their wanton disregard and dereliction of duty as stewards of the spiritual lives of their members?

Oh, yeah.  They will continue to be tolerated because they believe in a magical Jewish Zombie that you have to admit you believe in or you go to hell for ever and ever.  In other words, stand by for saga after saga as their abuses escape from the dark shadows of the Vatican and find the light of day for a long time.  They ain’t going anywhere.

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