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Since It’s Sunday

Religious madness.  But then I am being redundant. 

I am constantly amazed that the most absurd ideas, positions, arguments and so forth that are made from a religious point of view are taken seriously or given credibility.  One must put aside all powers of reasoning and common sense to accept the premises of every religion.  Even if one…ahem…gives the devil his due…and says that a God Force created everything, how does that legitimize the many disparate religious texts and why would one accept one over the other?  The simple answer is that the brainwashing begins in the crib.

We tolerate a cult that appears to be not only an organized pedophile ring but one who’s upper management has actively prohibited investigation and accountability for the many serial rapers and molesters within its ranks.  How could that be tolerated with a secular organization or corporation?

We tolerate cults that call for at the least, the refusal of rights guaranteed to all other citizens to at worst death for those whose sexual proclivity is different from the majority.  In our country we are supposed to have a protection of a minority by the tyranny of a majority.  Yet we have cults actively pursuing denial of rights based on bronze age texts  yet disavow other draconian and capital punishments for other offenses cited in those same texts.  Who calls for the death of willful children or wearers of cloth made of two fabrics?  Of people who violate the sabbath and on and on? 

We tolerate a cult that uses the most vile tactics up to and including murder to prevent a woman from having control of her own body.  This cult hypes the horror of a woman chosing not to have a child but they are all but absent when so many unwanted children are born.  The moment that baby’s head crowns from the birth canal it is on its own with no regard nor compassion from those same fanatics that would terrorize and kill to force it to be born.  Nor is their any compassion for the mother who might die delivering it nor the suffering of a family forced to raise it without the proper resources.

We tolerate a cult that ignores verifiable evidence and scientific fact in favor of myths and tales told by wandering camel drivers thousands of years ago.  The same science that is accurate enough to treat disease or put a vehicle from this planet onto another planet tens of millions of miles from here and get it to do experiments and continually send data back to earth.  The same science that allows us to understand DNA, the human genome, and the physical composition of all the material on earth.  This science is called into question by believers in a book that professes the Earth is the center of the solar system, a talking serpent tricked the first humans into eating a piece of fruit that gave them forbidden knowledge and that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and water covered the Earth and everyone  and everything but a select family of do gooders that gathered two of every creature onto a boat died.   Yet because this cult believes in an absurd creation myth we must constantly battle them as they try to force schools to either teach their myths or to cast doubt on provable evolution in favor of “teaching the controversy” about evolution.  This when in fact the only controversy is the one raised by a religious cult that believes in myths.

Religious insanity is taken with tolerance because we must respect others’ faith.  If we were talking about any other sphere of knowledge they would be laughed out of the room for some of their insane ideas but because it is matters of “faith” we must show respect and not give umbrage lest we hurt their feelings and show ourselves to be “intolerant.”

We have Christians calling for the deaths of….well, pick a group.  Abortionists, gays, Muslims, and on and on.  We have Muslims calling for the deaths of…well, pick a group.  Gays, Jews, cartoonists, women, and on and on.  We have Jews pushing for continued violence because they believe a slice of desert was given to them by some tyrannical, genocidal and jealous God.  We have education under assault because modern science does not jive with ancient nonsense.  We have one of the richest entities in the world, the Catholic Church, which is an incubator for pedophilia, sexual abuse and chronic coverup as they point their finger at others and suck money from their parishioners and wear their absurd costumes of power and dictate what others should or should not do.

Religion is insanity.  Sadly it seems that humans cannot just live and love, accept the natural world around them, learn and respond to their ever expanding understandings and exist in harmony with the many differences that make us all…human.  Our quest for “Meaning” to life and our fear of death has given rise to some of the cruelest, intolerant and malicious forms of madness in the history of humankind.

When will we cure ourselves of this malady?


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