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Is This What Victory Looks Like?

Then we are winning big time.

From ABC:

U.S.: Iraq, Afghanistan Human Rights Worsen

State Department Reports Highlights  Deteriorating Abuse Records; Iraqi Government Cited For Arbitrary Killings

The United States on Thursday highlighted human rights abuses in the two countries where American troops are fighting insurgencies.

In its annual human rights report, the State Department described a sharp drop in Afghanistan’s security last year, with civilians suffering the most from the spike in violence. The report blamed insurgents and said that almost one-third of Afghanistan was plunged into armed conflict, hurting the government’s ability to protect its citizens and extend its influence.

In Iraq, however, where the U.S. military is preparing to leave, the government was blamed for reportedly committing arbitrary killings in 2009. Rights abuse continued despite an improvement in general security in Iraq, the report said.

I am sure a few more surges, a few hundred billion more tax dollars and loans from our allies, a few more predator attacks and a few more elections and we will be marching home doing the victory dance.

Massive civilian casualties in Afghanistan, the Iraqi government that replaced Saddam killing arbitrarily…is it…was it,  all worth it?  

I think not.

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