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And They Call This Progress?

The made a wasteland and called it peace – Publius Cornelius Tacitus

Before the invasion of Iraq, Iran did not play much of a role in that country.  Now Iran is our big crazy country du jour and we are supposed to fear everything they do so I am wondering if the following is a good thing as it relates to their role as the next evil empire.

Radio Free Europe reports:

After Elections, Iran Remains A Major Player In Iraq

On March 7, millions of Iraqis “made their mark” and participated in the country’s second, generally fair and democratic post-Saddam Hussein parliamentary elections — an event that is exemplary for Iraq’s Arab and Iranian neighbors. Among the good news was that election coalitions this time around were far more ethnically and confessionally mixed than they were during the 2005 polls.

The question is whether and how Iraq’s fragile, young democracy and national unity can take hold and grow strong enough to resist internal pressure and external interference.

In addition to the Ba’athist and Al-Qaeda insurgencies that continue attempts to derail the democratic process, Iran’s increasing influence among many Iraqi factions threatens ultimately to disrupt the further development of representative and moderate governance.

It will take time until all votes are counted and more time until a new government is in place. But it is widely expected that Iraq’s two strongest election alliances, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s State of Law and Ammar al-Hakim’s Iraqi National Alliance (INA), will probably receive the biggest shares of the vote. These alliances are Iran-friendly or pro-Iranian, respectively.

So we invaded Iraq.  Killed or caused the deaths of untold thousands of Iraqis…innocent men, women and children, caused a massive refugee movement as Iraqis fled their country in droves to escape the ethnic cleansing by roving death squads that rose in the aftermath of the invasion, spent hundreds of billions of dollars as we mismanaged the occupation and failed to properly oversee contractors that were ripping us off with their criminal negligence and downright fraud, and got thousands of our own service men and women killed and many thousands more wounded and the net of all this is we made our new boogeyman stronger?


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