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Who Could Have Imagined?



Vatican Hit By Gay Sex Scandal

Vatican Chorister sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for papal gentlemen-in-waiting

The Vatican was today rocked by a sex scandal reaching into Pope Benedict’s household after a chorister was sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting.

Angelo Balducci, a Gentleman of His Holiness, was caught by police on a wiretap allegedly negotiating with Thomas Chinedu Ehiem, a 29-year-old Vatican chorister, over the specific physical details of men he wanted brought to him. Transcripts in the possession of the Guardian suggest that numerous men may have been procured for Balducci, at least one of whom was studying for the priesthood.

Bring me boys!  Seriously though, I have no problem with gays and actively support their inclusion in all the rights and privileges of everyone else.  It matters to me not one whit what ones sexual proclivity.  But the Catholic Church, like Republicans are actively antigay yet chock full of gays.  Like Jews who worked for Nazis they strive to make life miserable for those that are just like them.  For some reason that pisses me off.

Balducci was arrested on 10 February, suspected of involvement in widespread corruption. A senior Italian government official, he is alleged to have to steered public works contracts towards favoured bidders. He has not been charged.

It was during this investigation into corruption that wiretaps revealed his alleged sexual activity. In one conversation, Ehiem tells Balducci: “I saw your call when I was in the Vatican, because I was doing rehearsals … in the choir … in St Peter’s.” He then suggests Balducci meet a man who he describes is “two metres tall … 97 kilos … aged 33, completely active.”

And cute as Adonis….

The thing is, when one studies the history of the Vatican, the Popes, and the Holy Roman Church one finds corruption, vice, brutality, assassination, deviates, and a plethora of other symptoms of a hypocritical and self serving organization.  This particular revelation should be of no surprise to any who have looked at the Catholic Church for any length of time.  So…big deal, there are gays within the Church.  But the hypocrisy and double standards are a big deal.

Anyway…another day, another Catholic scandal.

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