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The Law Trumps Oklahoma Fundamentalists


The vicious law that fundamentalist Christians in Oklahoma tried to impose on women seeking abortions whereby facts and information about them had to be recorded and posted on a government web site has been struck down.  The Center for Reproductive Rights reports:

Court Strikes Down Intrusive OK Abortion, Declares Unconstitutional

02.19.10 – (PRESS RELEASE) New York, NY – Today, an Oklahoma County District Court declared unconstitutional a state law that would have imposed a host of restrictions related to abortion and cost the state over a quarter million dollars a year to implement, blocking the state from enforcing the law. The court ruled that the bill passed by the legislature addressed too many disparate topics and therefore violated the Oklahoma Constitution’s “single-subject” rule which requires laws only address one topic at a time. One of the provisions would have required doctors to request detailed personal information from patients who have had abortions and report that data to the state health department who will then post it on a public website.

And that is why I am so thankful we have a separation of state and church.  The fundies are a lot like Terminator units though…they can’t be reasoned with, they don’t feel pity or remorse, or fear and they absolutely won’t stop ever until they have taken away your rights.

Fortunately the law is on the side of reason and the Constitution is still valid.

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