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Maybe it isn’t wasted on the young after all.

CNN reports:

Study: Young Americans Less Religious Than Their Parents

 Ministering to young adults at New York’s Riverside Church, the Rev. J. Lee Hill Jr. hasn’t had much success in recruiting for Sunday morning services.

But his mission trips to New Orleans, Louisiana, since Hurricane Katrina and his efforts to connect with older teens and 20-somethings — the so-called millennial generation — via Facebook have paid big dividends.

“Church is difficult because young people today want to engage actively,” Hill said. “They just want to experience God.”

A study released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public life appears to bear that out. On the one hand, it finds that young Americans are significantly less religious than their parents and grandparents were when they were young. But the report also suggests that many of the beliefs and faith-based practices of 18- to 29-year-olds mirror those of their elders.

One in four American millennials — which it defined as those who were born after 1980 and came of age around the millennium — are not affiliated with any faith tradition, Pew found. They characterize their religion as “atheist,” “agnostic” or “nothing in particular.”

I much prefer “experiencing God for themselves” over being beaten over the head with dogma and sectarian prejudices.  I  have no issue with people  believing in the superstitious nonsense that they tend to believe in, it is the organized church that attempts to legislate based on those beliefs that I have an issue with.  It is the hate and elitism of sectarian certainty that causes so many rifts and drives wedges between our commonality.

I think it is a good thing for society that perhaps America is not producing as many Christ Zombies.  Maybe some day we can move away from superstitious nonsense and deal with the world we live in without turning to invisible friends.


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