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‘A Guy With A Teleprompter’

The president went into the lion’s den at the GOP retreat in Maryland and handled their questions with aplomb and ease as he demonstrated a thorough grasp of the details of many issues.  Obama delivered his dissection of the GOP’s assaults with no teleprompter and in the opinion of everybody, including Republicans, he held his own and in fact won the contest big.   In her key-note speech to the We’re-proud-we’re-ignorant crowd in Nashville last week, Sarah Palin threw out some smarmy negative comment about President Obama being “A guy with a teleprompter.”  Then she went to some softball Q & A session where she had to resort to crib notes on her hand to not appear to be what she is.  Vacuous, shallow, ignorant, ill-informed and an empty suit.

Here is a look at her trying to answer a simple question but failing as she needs to resort to crib notes written on her hand:

And here is a picture of those notes that she needed to answer what must have been a prearranged question:

Look at them Sarah!  Look at them:

And this is the pride of the GOP?

President Obama fielded a wide range of questions at the GOP retreat in Maryland in what could be termed a “hostile crowd.”  He did not need to write notes on his hand and proved he is more than just “a guy with a teleprompter.”

The thing is….the Tea Party crowd has this thing about “elites.”  Palin threw some barbed comments about those elites in her speech.  We saw what we get with a president who couldn’t spell elite (even though he certainly was).  This lauding a lack of curiosity and honoring of ignorance is harmless until that incurious and ignorant person is at the helm of our country.  I don’t know anyone would want the neurosurgeon that graduated due to his daddy’s money and was drunk and absent through most of their education working on them when they need a brain surgeon.  I don’t know why a segment of America would want a person to lead their nation that thinks being able to see a part of Russia from their state gives them foreign policy experience, or that can’t answer a simple three-part question that they have gone over before an interview.  But that is the thing about these Tea Party people.  They wallow in ignorance, and walk away fat and happy on the empty calories of pap and pabulum topped with buzzwords and clichés.

And Sarah Palin gives them all of that in a nice outfit and big hair.

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