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Breaking Down The Right Wing Wurlitzer

For  those that don’t know, Wurlitzer is a company that makes juke boxes as well as other products.  It is also a term used to describe the spin machine of the right wing.  Eric Alterman does a great job of explaining how this system works in his What Liberal Media?  The Truth About Bias and the News.  There have been other media studies that show how the GOP manufactures stories and uses their considerable echo chamber to create a reality out of nothing.  Here Barney Frank breaks it down with a classic example of how this technique works:

Dick Cheney was very good at this technique.  He would use one of his aides to leak something to the New York Times or other publication, they would run a story and then he would cite them as a source proving whatever lie he was trying to sell.

Old tricks that still work.  The GOP takes advantage of the fact that very few people have the time or resources to investigate the media.   They keep naming the tunes and their Wurlitzer keeps spinnin’ away.

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