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No Brainer….

Only the non brained don’t get it.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  It serves no positive function.  Clearly gays serve in the military.  Clearly we have a deficit of qualified people in the military.  There have been purges of Arabic speakers, doctors, pilots and other critical occupations because people have been outed and discharged as a result.  Europe as well as Israel allow gays to openly serve in their militaries and there are no problems with this.  Listening to this shallow minded homophobe shows that the no brainer of allowing gays to serve openly in the armed forces of our country is simply not understood with those who have no brain.  By that, perhaps, I mean brains that have been so polluted with religious or personal prejudice that they cannot think….straight.

Outlaw homosexuality.  From a representative of Family Research Council this is what it all comes down to.  In discussing this issue with a wide range of people I find that many of them have relatives that are gay.  As do I.  Why is it anyones concern what two consenting people do together?  This FRC nitwit is complaining about “sexual tension” due to intimate situations created by military service.  I wonder what the ratio of sexual assault in the military compared to the Catholic Church is?  And, too, I wonder how many gay people have served in the military in the history of our country and either made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives or have served honorably with no issues.  I would venture to say those numbers are huge.

Hopefully this move to allow gays to serve openly will go forward and we can quit ostracizing our fellow citizens because a group of fearful, religiously deluded bigots can’t stand the thought of gay people serving alongside their fellow country men and women.

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