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He Finally Steps Into The Ring

And he delivered a knock out.  Maybe this is a sign that he is ready to show up to work for the next three years.  Here is a small part from Youtube:

The Huffington Post has Q & A session is  here and the complete transcript to go with it.  Obama, whatever one thinks of him is an incredibly informed and competent person.  He handles the GOP with ease and aplomb.  And, he doesn’t take any crap.  And unlike a former president he speaks in complete sentences with great dignity and clarity.  It is a pleasure to listen to him articulate his thoughts and rebuttals.  There is no way that GW Bush could have ever carried this off without swaggering hubris and smirking disdain.  And butchering the English language in the process. 

It was truly a pleasure watching President Obama work.  And it is interesting that not one Republican asked to see Obama’s birth certificate.  Perhaps that means they accept his legitimacy to be our president?  Also there was, whether superficial or not due to cameras rolling, a good level of respect show to President Obama by the Republicans.   I do not think that this encounter will stop the GOP attack machine, but it was a great display of a United States president taking on the opposition party and not only holding his own but doing it without a teleprompter or cue cards.  In fact, Fox News turned off their coverage 20 minutes before it ended because Obama was not being shown to be a fool, a communist, a radical liberal or whatever.  Obama’s handling of the last question showed his willingness to fight and to call BS and showed the GOP typical assault to be the craven political tactic that it is.

I would bet that the Republicans don’t do this again and if they do they won’t have the cameras rolling.

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