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Tiller’s Take….

There have just been two videos release of Dr. George Tiller talking about why he became an abortion provider.  I think they are worth reviewing.  I will post them at the end of this piece.  But first, this is an interesting story that I saw at Talking Points Memo:

Tiller Stalker: Ex-AG’s Crusade Against Kansas Abortion Doctor Revealed In New Complaint

In a new ethics complaint that alleges large-scale abuse of office, the former attorney general of Kansas is accused of dispatching staff to record license plates of women entering George Tiller’s abortion clinic, getting records from a motel where patients stayed, and obtaining state medical files under false pretenses, then retaining them after his term as AG was over and repeatedly lying about it in court.

Fanatics.  Taking the supposed message of peace and love from the New Testament (I’m sure it’s in there somewhere) and using it to validate whatever action one cares to make.

Kline is also accused of violating professional standards by appearing on the O’Reilly Factor five days before the 2006 election to talk about his pursuit of Tiller, flouting a warning from the state Supreme Court not to publicize legal positions. He was up for reelection as AG at the time.

Kline, who has forged his career as a single-minded opponent of abortion — he was named Man of the Year in 2006 by anti-abortion group Operation Rescue — now teaches law at Liberty University in Virginia. He faces a hearing in May before a state board for the discipline of attorneys, and he could lose his law license, a spokesman for the disciplinary administrator tells TPMmuckraker.

The law, compassion for ones fellow human being, the respect of privacy…all go the way of the wind when it comes to fundamentalist Christians.  I suppose religious fundamentalists of any ilk.  You can read the piece to see the lengths that this Christard went to in his mission to destroy a man operating within the confines of the law.  Hopefully he will lose his licence to practice law, but I doubt if that will jeopardize his position teaching that subject at the fundamentalist Christian Liberty University.

Now here is Dr. Tiller explaining why he was a provider of abortions:

Part Two:

He certainly did not deserve to be gunned down like a dog.  I do wish that his killer could get the biblical type of punishment that he so believes exists in the afterlife.  Unfortunately that doesn’t exist.  Instead the knowledge that he is locked up to never see anything but the inside of a prison cell is the best I can hope for.

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