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Show Me The Data

Never mind the money, I want to see the data.

Another retarded Catholic leader does his best to keep his flock in the Dark Ages:

Pell Says Cancer Can Be Cured By Prayer

Terminal illness such as cancer can be cured by prayer, the head of the Catholic Church in Australia says.

But Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell admits such cures, like the miracle attributed to Mary MacKillop, is obviously rare.

Yeah, cause God follows the NFL and loves to reward receivers that catch passes and point to the sky in between laughing His ass off at all of the starving people on the planet.

“Yes obviously (cancer can be cured by prayer),” Cardinal Pell told ABC Television on Monday.

“And there are quite a number of examples in the books.”

Might it be imprudent of me to ask at this point to show me “the books” and the supporting data?

I have a friend who has an infant grandchild that has brain cancer.  She asked me to join her pray for her grandchild Facebook page.  As much as I wish that things will work out for the little guy, how do you tell somebody in that situation that prayer is only self-serving?  In the first place, if there is a God to pray to that gives a shit, then why did It give the child cancer in the first place.  That would be the part of “God’s Plan” that one hears so much about.  Is it a popularity contest with God then where only those who get the most prayers get cured?  Prayer does nothing but make the person praying feel better.  Or as it has been said, prayer is the act of doing nothing and feeling like your helping.

Perpetuating this nonsense only prolongs our planets bondage with ignorance.  But of course, that is what the Catholic Church is all about.  If their flock thought rationally then they would lose their cash cow and have to work for a living.  And we know they aren’t about to start that.

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