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Beck Wins!

Just when I go through my moment of disillusionment and self doubting, I am given motivation to continue to carry the torch and shine the light on the dark recesses of our collective conundrums and the people who make life worse for us all.

Glen Beck, and his cry-on-demand schtick, coupled with his virulent racism and bat shit crazy conspiracies has been given an even bigger forum by Fox News after CNN took his more restrained one away.  It seems that his brand of crazy has won him the honor of being Salon‘s Crazy of the Year award.

Crazy of the Year!

2009 will be remembered as the year that one man’s craziness gripped America with fear

The staff and readers of Salon had a big debate over choosing Glenn Beck our “Crazy Person of the Year.” As we stated in the introduction to “The Year in Crazy,” we disqualified certain media stars — Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly — and some GOP leaders — Sarah Palin and Liz Cheney — whose crazy behavior was purely opportunistic. We rejected prominent people who had a crazy belief or two — Whoopi Goldberg casting doubt on the moon landing — but didn’t seem driven by crazy.

Only one man was crazy enough to possibly trick us. Only one man stood on a media platform comparable to O’Reilly’s and Limbaugh’s, and delivered a crazy shtick that was so over the top that sometimes you’d say: He doesn’t believe any of this, right? The tears, the shaking, the hysteria — it’s all an act, right? And sometimes you’d say, “Get the nets, Fox News!”

Yes, that man is Glenn Beck, and we come down on the side of “Get the nets!” An overview of Beck’s career shows that his success is equal parts talent, timing, cruelty and crazy.

Of course the scales tip heavy on the side of cruelty and crazy.  Feel free to read the piece, but my hat is off to Salon for their choice in choosing this certifiable lunatic and voice of the Tea Party as their Crazy of the Year.  By proxy, I suppose, as he is their go to guy for crazy ideas, the members of that movement should get an honorable mention.

I can hardly wait for the insanity that he dishes up in year two of Obama’s presidency.

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