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Christmas Posting…

I have not been writing much of late for a variety of reasons.  I am frustrated and disappointed with the direction of this administration at many levels and don’t feel like whining about it for one thing.  I am extremely regretful that we are continuing on a path of war for war’s sake and escalating the conflict in Afghanistan.  We are sending thirty more thousand or so troops over there but over 50,000 more private contractors.  That means mercenaries for the most part.  That means too, that we are again lying about troop levels and paying them exponentially more than what we would be paying if our military were doing all the work.  With little oversight and regular abuse.

Also I am sick of the blatant retardeness of the right wing and the Tea Party morons that are just full of hate and ignorance.  They are actually working against their self  interests and for the special interests of insurance companies and other huge corporations  instead,  while  racism, bigotry and the fall of their Party from power seem to be the underlying motivation of their angst.  I am disgusted that this coterie of conservatards commands such a huge forum to push their vile brand of politics and that nitwits such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Glen Beck and the usual suspects of right wingnut hate and reality challenged insanity are actually taken seriously by so many.  Writing about it all, while giving me a vent, just leaves me agitated. 

I am highly frustrated that our media are such a pitiful modality for dealing with issues and reporting facts and instead are just  profit driven devices for the few mega corporations that own them all.  Michael Jackson, Balloon Boy and Tiger Woods are covered up to the point of recreation animations so we don’t miss one…little…detail, yet mere talking points and obvious lies and distortions pass for reporting on the issues of Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, health reform, global warming, the rape of our planet, the control of corporations at the expense of the lives of the majority of the planets population, and so forth.  If any of those are even covered at all.  And watching each day pass with no substantive debate devoid of the usual yelling, posturing of posers as opposed to real representatives and voices of the many different issues that concern us all, and trivialized or marginal “coverage” delivered by six figure talking heads that hardly know anything about anything except for what they are told to say leaves me without hope that this paradigm of information and media control will ever be broken or changed for the positive.  Commenting on it does nothing but perhaps keeping my head from exploding.

And I am sick of the commercialized Christmas frenzy and battling the scurrying hordes of people clogging the roads as they rush to buy, buy, buy.  Christmas always brings out conflicting emotions in me.  I enjoy a special time of year where I can enjoy my kids and their great bubbling spirits, great feasting and a few days off, but I tend to resent the stealing of what Christmas was only to be replaced by a sick and twisted lie called the birth of the baby Jesus and all the religious hogwash that goes with it.  I am sick of hearing from the pompous protectors of Christmas, Christian bullies whose church prohibited its celebration for so long.  The War on Christmas and their poor pitiful victimized act can bite my ass.  Though I understand the battle may be turning my way.

So a sort of seasonal blase malaise has somewhat gripped me.  And, I am getting ready for another operation four days after Christmas that will impact my ability to perform certain aspects of aikido.  I am having a  MTP fusion surgery done four days after Christmas.  That is a plate put at the metatarsal phalange joint of my foot which will prevent me from doing suwari waza technique as I would like to be able to do them.  And it has only been three weeks since I had surgery on my shoulder which was fairly traumatic.  All of these things have led to a sort of distraction and decreased motivation to observe and comment for the past couple of weeks.

And… I have been deeply immersed over the past many months in the study of the crusades, the transition of a Pagan Europe to a Christian Europe and, the history of the Byzantine Empire as well as studying the history of Islam which has taken up great swathes of my time as I focus more and more on those topics and less and less on what is going on at the present time.

Perhaps my motivation will pick up at the new year, but for now I will just take it day by day and leave you with the words of my friend Udayachandran from .  From my family to yours:

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