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The Assault On White Baby Jesus Continues

I am sick of these revisionist nativity scenes that don’t represent the baby Jebus for the blond headed, blue eyed white boy that he really was.  After all, he came from the desert of the  Middle East, the levant, the frickin’ Holy Land!  The Holy Land!  Do you think God would make himself his son dark skinned?  Jebus was white.  Jebus was Republican.  Jebus was a conservative.  Jebus hated the dark and the poor.  Jebus would not have had dark skin.  Why won’t they leave white baby Jebus alone?

Dark-Skinned Nativity Scene Angers Conservatives In Verona

Some people in Verona, Italy are up in arms about a nativity scene at their local courthouse in which Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are depicted as dark-skinned people. Interestingly, it was chief public prosecutor Mario Giulio Schinaia’s idea to do this based on historical evidence that baby Jesus was in fact likely to have had darker skin.

Clearly Mario has not seen nearly as many paintings and representations of Jebus as I have and he is clearly white in all of them.

Verona has strong links to the Northern League party, a political entity allied with PM Silvio Burlusconi that is strongly anti-immigration — the League is in the midst of a two-month initiative, called White Christmas, in which they hope to “ferret out foreigners without proper permits in Coccaglio, a small League-led town east of Milan“. They’ve also advocated for separate buses and trains for immigrants, banning new mosques, and getting rid of all Chinese and kebab restaurants in the towns where they have the most influence.

Ah, the Italian Tea Party.  Now I understand.  Well, keep fighting the good fight.  Maybe Sarah Palin or the local chapter of our Ku Klux Klan can come over and straighten up those foreign Jebus hating scum.

White baby Jebus! I love you.

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