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Since It’s Sunday

Pedophiles R Us…aka the Catholic Church, have given us another reason why they should be shut down, and their entire upper management imprisoned.   Ireland, home of the immensely gullible is the latest crime scene.

Pontiff ‘Distressed’ By Irish Catholic Abuse Cases

Church leaders covered up widespread sexual exploitation, report says

 Pope Benedict XVI says he is “deeply disturbed and distressed” by a  child sex-abuse scandal in Ireland and will write a letter to Catholics there on the church’s response.

Yeah, a letter.  That will fix the problem.

Benedict met Friday with senior Irish clergy in the wake of a government report that said Church leaders covered up widespread sexual abuse of children for 30 years.

The report was issued last month after a government-ordered investigation into the Dublin Archdiocese. It found that the church shielded more than 100 child-abusing priests from the law.

The thing is this is not an anomaly.  It is typical of the Catholic Church.  They breed sick predatory pedophile priests and protect them so they can proliferate their perversions perpetually.

The Nov. 26 report said the church in the overwhelmingly Catholic country had obsessively hidden child abuse during the period of an inquiry, which covered the handling of abuse reports by the archdiocese of Dublin from 1975 to 2004.

And does anyone think that this was done without the approval at the highest levels of this cartel church?  The Holy Roman Church is a sick and criminal organization.  The crimes of its priests are endemic of their whole system and there is no telling how many victims across the world that their priests have abused.  But hey, the pope is going to write a letter and of course, ask for prayers for the victims so keep those tithes a comin’.

Meanwhile….we will just wait for the next scandal to be revealed.  I am sure we won’t have long to wait.  If the Catholic Church is the only path to salvation, as they claim, one wonders if salvation is worth it.  I only shudder at the thought of what they were doing to people when they had the power through the dark and middle ages.  I am not sure I want to know.  Because they are an organization that sells guilt and has no tangible product they get away with the most vile crimes and are free from the grasp of the arm of the law. 

Religion.  No thank you.


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